Tips for E-Tagging and Paper Tagging in Oregon

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Tips for E-Tagging and Paper Tagging in Oregon

Since the beginning of Hunt-Tag we have received countless stories, feedback, and opinions about the new Oregon hunting license system. Some good, some bad. Either way, if you are for or against the changes, the fact is that the system Oregon hunters used to know is evolving and changing so we will need to adapt in order to legally comply with the new regulations. In this blog we will share some tips to ensure your next harvest and tagging process is as smooth as possible, so you can enjoy your success in the field without stressing over the nuances of the new system.

First off, if you are new to hunting in Oregon or this is the first time you have heard about the new hunting license system check out some of our other blog posts to get a better understanding. We recommend taking a look at these articles as well:  

A quick reminder, if you are e-tagging, after you "Validate" your tag through the MyODFW app all hunters are required to attach the following information to your harvest:






Everything other than the harvest date and confirmation number can be filled out on your Hunt-Tag before you go out in the field. Really all you need from the app is the confirmation number.

Hunt-Tag for electronic tagging, e-tagging, in Oregon with the new hunting license system

The most common question or concern we see is:

"What if I do not have cell service?" 

Fortunately, you do not need service to "Validate" your tag. The way this works is that as soon you purchase a tag the confirmation number is assigned and stored in the app. This means that you do not need internet access to get your number as long as your app is updated and synced properly.

Keeping the MyODFW app up to date with the latest version will reduce the chance for errors. You can do this by visiting the Google Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on Apple devices, searching for MyODFW app, and installing the latest version. Opening the app from the store page will ensure you have the latest version.

Syncing the app and being logged in to your account before you loose cell service is crucial to being able to use the app with no service. While the app does work without cell service you need to be logged into your account prior to getting deep into the woods. To make sure the app is synced with your latest information open the app, click on the the 3 line button in the upper right hand corner.

How to sync ODFW app for Oregon hunting tags and hunting license

Then click "Sync Account".

Updating the MyODFW app for hunting in Oregon with the new electronic hunting license systemSuccessful account sync with the MyODFW app for hunting in Oregon

We recommend opening the MyODFW app on the way to your hunting spot, sync the app, check to make sure your tags are available, and leave the app open on your phone in the background. 

If you are having trouble opening the app in the field and your app and account are synced try turning off the phones WiFi or even put your phone into "Airplane Mode". Then once you are done validating your tag you can turn the WiFi back on.

Also, make sure you have actually bought your tag before the deadline. If you get a Sports Pac you may think you already have all the tags you need, but you still need to login to ODFW licensing page, add your tags to the cart and checkout. You won't need to pay for anything if have already bought the Sports Pac. Here is a good video on how to do this.



Make sure you have something to write your harvest information on that can be attached to your harvest. Something like flagging tape or duct tape can be used, but make sure the pen you use can write on the material your choose. If you would like to use something that looks a little cleaner and is durable enough to stay with the animal for as long as it is in your possession you might like to use a Hunt-Tag E-Tagging Kit. This kit takes all the thinking out of the e-tagging process for Oregon hunters, it has everything you need to properly tag your harvested animal. Just throw it your pack and you'll always be ready to tag out. If it is raining out don't forget to completely dry your Hunt-Tag before using the sharpie marker.

Oregon E-Tag kit for electronic tagging for deer hunting


 For those hunters that choose to "Paper Tag" this hunting season, after you print your tag or buy a hunting tag at a licensing agent fill out as much information as you can ahead of time. You can sign and date your paper tag to make it a valid tag. When the tags are printed out on 8.50" x 11.00" paper about half the page is blank, so you can cut this off to reduce some of the paper bulk. Keep you paper tags in something that is waterproof so they don't turn into a soggy mess.

When using a Hunt-Tag Paper Tag Kit, put your tags in separate Hunt-Tag bags and fold them so you can read which tag is in each bag. This way you don't get your hunting license or other tags dirty or bloody when it comes time to validate your tag by signing your name if you haven't already, filling in the date and time of harvest, and wildlife management unit where harvest occurred.

 Oregon hunting kit for paper tagging with electronic tagging system

The new electronic license system may not be perfect, but hopefully you can avoid some of the pitfalls with these tips for tagging big game in Oregon. Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.