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Are you ready for some hunting action?  Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a newbie, you must know your state's dates and regulations for hunting season.  Hunting rules can change often, so don't get caught off guard. Let's take a look! General hunting regulations Regardless of where you hunt, certain regulations apply across the board.  Visit each state's wildlife department website to ensure you have the correct date for your desired game and weapon, as seasons differ.  You need state-specific tags for each animal you hunt, especially big game.  You need a state-specific hunting license. You can buy them online from the...

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So, you finally have that big buck on the ground. Now what? The first thing you should do before processing is to properly tag your harvest with the correct information on a field tag. This process will be the same for deer, bear, wild turkey, and boar as per West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. All successful hunters are required to immediately fill out a field tag after harvesting deer, bear, wild turkey, or boar. This tag must be attached to the animal, or you must stay with the harvest and have a completed field tag in your possession. The...

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