Hunt-Tag System: Paper Tag Kit

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The only complete, weatherproof tagging system on the market! With Hunt-Tag you can focus on the success of the hunt instead of worrying about how to properly tag your animal.

With the recent hunting regulation changes in Oregon and other states across the country, many hunters are now get their hunting tags and licenses printed on standard paper instead of having tags printed on the state provided waterproof paper. If you chose paper tagging as your method of tagging this year the Paper Tag Kit will help you keep your tags and licenses dry as well as provide a means of attaching your filled out tag to a harvested animal.

Each Paper Tag Kit comes with the following:

3 - Waterproof Tag Bags (Replacement tag bags available here)

3 - Reusable Zip Ties

1 - Permanent Marker

1 - Cable Ring

1 - Safety Pin