Oregon's New Hunting Electronic Licensing System for 2019

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Oregon's New Hunting Electronic Licensing System for 2019

With the recent hunting regulation changes in Oregon, hunters are now required to provide their own method of tagging their harvest. Oregon has moved to an electronic tagging system that requires the use of an app to validate your tag upon harvest via a smartphone. Once the tag is validated the app will give the user a confirmation number. This confirmation number and other information about the harvest is required to be attached to the harvested animal during transit.

The Hunt-Tag system provides a means of attaching this information to a harvested animal. The Hunt-Tag has a few simple, but much needed items to help you legally tag your harvest. With Hunt-Tag you can focus on the success of the hunt instead of worrying about how to properly tag your animal.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before you go out on your next hunt:

What is your plan this hunting season when you have finally been successful, and it comes time to legally tag your harvest as required by the ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)?

Do you remember all the information required by the ODFW to correctly tag your animal?

Do you have something to write all the required information down with?

Do you have something to write all the required information down on?

Do you have a means to attach this required information to the harvested animal? What if it doesn’t have antlers?

 Here is a link to the article posted by ODFW

Once you have successfully harvested an animal you will need to use your smartphone to open the ODFW app, select the “Validate” button for the animal you have just harvested, fill out the information it asks for. The app will then give you a confirmation number. Once you have acquired the confirmation number from the app you will need to write it down on something along with the following information:

Confirmation Number


ODFW ID Number

Date of Birth

Harvest Date

Here is a link to the section of the ODFW article that explains the tagging requirements

You will need to carry something to write with and something to write on that will withstand the elements. It will need to be something that won’t rub off or bleed when it gets wet. The ODFW recommends something like duct tape, trail ribbon, or a piece of paper in a plastic bag. You will need to affix this information to the animal as you would have in previous years with a standard Oregon hunting tag.

How can the Hunt-Tag help with your legal obligation to properly tag a harvested big game animal?

The Hunt-Tag offers a simple solution to make the process a little easier so you can focus on the success of the hunt. The Oregon Hunt-Tag is a kit that has the items necessary to legally tag your big game animal in the state of Oregon.