iPhone Users Beware! MyODFW E-Tagging App Issues

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iPhone Users Beware! MyODFW E-Tagging App Issues

The excitement has been building up to the 2020 hunting seasons amidst these strange Covid-19 times. All of the planning and preparations are about to pay off as Oregon hunters begin to hit the woods this weekend for the opening of the Oregon Archery General Deer and Elk Seasons. Before you head out on your next hunting adventure don't forget to double check your MyODFW app to make sure everything is still in working order so you can be ready to validate your e-tag once that big buck is on the ground.

Check out these quick articles for a refresher on how tag your harvests in Oregon this year:

Recently, the ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) sent out an alert about an issue with the MyODFW app for those that use Apple iPhone or iPad devices for e-tagging. This issue reportedly does not affect those using Android devices.

MyODFW app issues for e-tagging big game in Oregon

The problem is that the app will not open if the device is out of cell service or in airplane mode. The ODFW says they are unsure when this issue will be resolved, but have given some directions on what to do if you can't access the app for proper tag validation. The steps to take are as follows:

  1. Take a screenshot of your license and tags. (To take screenshot: Press the Power button and Volume Up button at the same time. Older models, Press the Power button and Home button)
  2. Open the app when you still have service and login as normal.
  3. Do not close the app or swipe it off the screen.
  4. If possible, do not turn off you phone during your hunting trip as this will also close the app.

If you do end up closing the app or shutting off your phone while your are out of cell service you will still be able to hunt given that you have taken a screenshot of your valid hunting tag and hunting license. The ODFW stated that the screenshot of your valid tag will temporarily suffice as proof until they can get the app fixed, but you must immediately complete the e-tagging process once you have cell service. Once the app is fixed the screenshot of your tag will not be accepted as proof of a valid hunting tag, so stay tuned for any updates from the ODFW.

Once you have successfully taken your harvest hunters should still take all of the steps for proper tagging, except for writing in the confirmation number on your physical tag that you attach to the animal. The physical tag must include your name, ODFW ID number, date of birth, and harvest date. The Hunt-Tag kits make this part super quick and easy. You must keep this information attached to the animal during transit and are required to electronically validate your tag and record the confirmation number on your tag once you are back in cell service. So, when you are filling out your Hunt-Tag in the field, write in all of the information other than the confirmation number, and hold off on laminating the tag until you can receive the confirmation number.

See ODFW News Release HERE.

EDIT: As of 9/1/2020 ODFW has claimed to fix the issue with Apple devices. Just make sure to update your MyODFW app before your next hunt or fishing trip.