How to Tag Deer in Oklahoma

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How to Tag Deer in Oklahoma

So, you finally have that big buck on the ground. Now what? The first thing you should do before processing is to properly tag your harvest with the correct information on a field tag. This process will be the same for deer, elk, and antelope as per Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. However, we will also go over some of the subtle differences required to tag bear and turkey as well.

All hunters are required to immediately attach a field tag to a harvested deer, elk, or antelope. This is required for lifetime license holders too. The field tag needs to include the following information:


Customer ID Number / Lifetime License Number

Date of Harvest

Time of Harvest

This information can be written on anything, as long as it contains the above information. However, this field tag must remain with the carcass until it reaches its final destination, so you are going to want something fairly durable that can be securely attached to the animal. You don’t want your field tag flying off on the highway on your way home or to the processor. You also don’t want to write this information on something that will melt away in the rain or become illegible.

Now that we know the field tagging requirements, let’s take a minute to think about the additional items we might want to have with us to execute the tagging process. For starters, we will need to have a pen to write this information down with. Ideally, we will want something weatherproof and durable to write on. Lastly, we will need some method of attaching this information to the animal in plain sight.

Luckily, Hunt-Tag has thought about this process for you and has come up with a simple solution for field tagging after a successful hunt in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Hunt-Tag System: E-Tag Kit comes with all the items you need to properly and legally field tag your harvest with confidence that you are using the correct information that is required. Each kit comes with the following components:

Hunting kit designed specifically with the information required for field tagging deer in Oklahoma

3 - Info Cards (Replacement Cards Here)

3 - Reusable Zip Ties

1 - Permanent Marker

1 - Cable Ring

1 – Heavy-Duty Safety Pin

The OKLAHOMA Hunt-Tag allows for the following information:






Oklahoma Hunt-Tag information as required by ODWC

Field tagging in Oklahoma is pretty straight forward as long as you can remember all of the information that is required, another reason why the Oklahoma Hunt-Tag System: E-Tag Kit is so handy. Plus, each kit comes with a permanent marker so your writing will never fade, reusable zip ties to attach tag to antlers, and a heavy-duty safety pin to attach tags to animals that do not have horns. Once all of the information is filled out you can laminate your tag with the tags built in self-laminating flap, you can just peel off the flap’s liner and permanently seal in you writing.

Oklahoma Hunt-Tag Kit for tagging deer after a successful hunt in OK

Now that you have your big game animal properly field tagged you will still need to check in your harvest with the ODWC. Prior to processing the carcass all deer, elk and antelope must be checked within 24 hours of leaving the hunt area. There are 3 options for checking big game animals:

Online E-Check System -

Go Outdoors Oklahoma Mobile App – Android App or iPhone App

With an Authorized Department Employee

After you have completed the check-in process a carcass tag or online confirmation number will be issued. This confirmation number is required to remain with the carcass to its final destination or through processing and/or storage at commercial processing or storage facilities as per the Oklahoma Hunting & Fishing Guide. For deer and elk the carcass can be checked in quartered, but with sex organs naturally attached and you must have the head with the carcass as well.

Antelope must be checked within 24 hours of being moved from the hunt area, using an open check station or with an authorized department employee within a county where antelope may be hunted. Open check stations for antelope are available in Cimarron and Texas counties. 

For bear, immediately attach field tag with Name and Customer ID. Upon harvesting a bear, all hunters must call Jeff Ford, Sr. Wildlife Biologist, at (918) 527-9918; or Matt Hensley, Wildlife Technician, at (918) 260-3920; or Tres Phipps, Wildlife Technician at (918) 527-9921. The carcass must be checked in by the hunter who harvested the bear. After the carcass is checked, a carcass tag will be issued, which must remain with the carcass to its final destination or through processing and/or storage at commercial processing or storage facilities. The head must remain attached to the carcass until the bear is checked. Bear carcasses may be checked-in quartered, with or without skin, but sex organs must remain naturally attached until checked by a Department employee.

Field Tagging & Checking for all hunters who harvest a turkey (fall or spring) must immediately attach a field tag, securely to the carcass, with their name, customer ID number or lifetime license number, and date and time of harvest. This information along with evidence of sex (one leg with foot or beard) must remain with the carcass until the turkey is checked in. Beards on hens must remain intact and not removed from the turkey until the bird has reached its final destination. The animal must be checked within 24 hours of leaving the hunt area through the online E-Check system at or the Go Outdoors Oklahoma mobile app, or with an authorized Department employee. Once checked, the animal will be issued a carcass tag or an online confirmation number. This tag or number must remain with the carcass.

 Clint Austin OK Bucks2 - Here are some pictures from this year. My wife got her first buck. And so did my youngest daughter Hunt-Tag customer success

The information gathered for this article was found through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Please double check all information before your next hunt as regulations can change from year to year.


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