INDIANA Hunt-Tag System: E-Tag Kit

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Simplify the E-Tagging process with an Indiana Hunt-Tag kit. Tag with confidence.

This kit is designed specifically for tagging deer and wild turkey in the state of Indiana. Part of the e-tagging/game check process is to attach specific information to your harvested game. The Hunt-Tag kit provides a means of attaching this information to a harvested animal in the field. The Indiana specific tags are durable, weatherproof, self-laminating tags that will hold up to the elements so you can keep this required information with your trophy for the time it is in your possession. Each Hunt-Tag kit comes with the following:

3 - Info Cards (Replacement Cards Here)

3 - Reusable Zip Ties

1 - Permanent Marker

1 - Cable Ring

1 - Safety Pin

The INDIANA Hunt-Tag allows for the following information:








The tags have a built-on self-laminating flap that is attached to each tag. After writing on the tag in the field, you can just peel off the flap’s liner and seal in your writing – permanently.

For more information on the state of Indiana tagging requirements please visit the IDNR website.

The below snippets were taken from the Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide for 2019-2020:

-Deer Tagging Requirements: 

Deer tagging requirements for Indiana as stated by the IDNR

-Turkey Tagging Requirements:

Turkey tagging requirements for the state of Indian as per hunting regulations from DNR

Hunt-Tag is a small Oregon based company that started as a result of hunting regulation changes in the state of Oregon for 2019. Oregon is in the process of moving to an electronic tagging process (e-tagging) with the use of an app on your smartphone. This change required hunters supply their own tags to attach the proper information to all big game harvests in order to stay legal. Hunt-Tag designed a kit to aid hunters in this change. Now, Hunt-Tag is offering tagging kits for other states that use an electronic tagging system. The purpose of our Hunt-Tag kits is to simplify the process, so hunters can enjoy the success of their hunt without worrying about how to properly tag their harvests.